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Where To Go To Film School?

Deciding where to go to film school is a decision that must be made by each individual student based on their tastes, needs, and interests. Never choose a film school based purely on its reputation, because honestly, in Hollywood, no one cares what school you went to or what kind of diploma you have. All […]

Where Are Films Shot?

First time film makers tend to worry about the various aspects needed to make a film. This is one thing most individuals never consider until they are really putting their first movie together, step by step. Every aspiring film maker must learn the finest ways of getting together a crew, working on a script, and […]

What to check out When Considering Film Schools

It is important to keep in mind that not all film schools are the same when comparing film schools. Considering the cost and the investment of time and energy, selecting the right film school for you can be a big decision, with a lot of different factors to be weighed. To help you narrow the […]

What to expect at Film School

Even though most film schools can approach teaching the art of making movies in different ways, many subjects are taught globally. You can’t learn how to be a filmmaker without learning the basics. So exactly what are the fundamentals? First, decide on the subject of your film. There is a demand for you to choose […]

Knowing What to Expect from Film School

There are many things that you can anticipate from film school, but you also have to expect the need for you to work. It is fairly obvious that you will work while attending film school. This does not necessarily mean employment, but of course this will depend on your financial resources and your needs to […]

The Instructor’s Role in Film School

One essential component in any film school is the role of the instructor. If you are one of those who go to school with little or no knowledge about what you are getting into then you are basically placing your future at the disposal of your teachers and you believe whatever they tell you and […]

The Importance of Film School Location

Even though the importance of film school location is not the main thing you consider when thinking about going to a film school, this is something you should to think about as well. It is often easy to overlook the geographical sense of where you plan to go to school in favor of the specific […]

The Merits of New York Film Schools

New York film schools may not be as numerous as those present in Los Angeles, but it still has a rich history of film, television, and dramatics. Whether you plan to focus on film or television, New York can give you a long list of options that can help you break into the industry. Like […]

Film School in New York

Many individuals dream about going to a New York film school because New York is a great place to begin in film. New York does not only possesses reputable film schools, but this is also the place where experienced producers, directors, writer, editors, and actors dwell. Many of these directors may pop into classes from […]

Film School Locations

Where should you attend film school at? This is a difficult question, because your choices are tempered by many different real-world factors like distance, money, and time. Nevertheless, if you could pick a location, what location would you go? Film school locations are everywhere (well, a multitude of locations). Are some locations truly better than […]