The Top Listed Film Schools

Which are the best film schools to educate yourself filmmaking? The word “best” is subjective. A few say the best film schools come in Los Angeles, other people say New York. Here is some information on several.

UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television ( Offers much of the same. You can certainly say to that neither school is superior to the other, unless you are alumnae. Either one of these fine universities gives you the exact same subjects to learn from. On the list of popular filmmakers who have graduated from UCLA are Francis Ford Coppola,(The Godfather Trilogy) Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Carribean).

School of Cinematic Arts in USC ( Among the many filmmakers that finished on this institution are George Lucas (Star Wars Saga), John Carpenter (Halloween The Thing), and John Milus Red Dawn, Conan the Barbarian). The institution starts with the basic principles, cover up everything from writing, to production to editing to marketing. One can learn it all at this school. Besides filmmaking you may also study screenwriting, acting for film and tv, and producing.

A great undergraduate program is also offered in the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television in NYU. However, their program needs some requirements for admission and they also could be highly picky. You need to have a portfolio of creative materials and academic brilliance. You have to actually audition for admittance to the program.

Another film school situated in The Big Apple will be the New York Film Academy School of Film and Acting. This school includes a twelve months filmmaking course by which students will write, shoot, direct, and edit eight films, and work as crew on twenty-eight more. This school doesn’t need the stringent requirements of past creative experience as does NYU. Graduation will give you a diploma or certificate, and a DVD film reel.

Here is some information on another film school that’s located in Los Angeles, and New York. Actually it could use a location near you.

The Film Connection Film Institute ( This school utilizes a mentor apprentice way of teaching. Film Connection will pair students with a professional director, editor, cinematographer, or producer who will teach them the way the business works. Students will probably be interns, apprentices, and students all while doing so. They are going to get to work on real films and videos in production being an apprentice, and understand the business correctly.

Again the term “best” is actually one which a student must decide on. What exactly is the best film schools for one, might not be similar for everyone.

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